THE CM CLEAR LACE GLUE *strawberry scented*

THE CM CLEAR LACE GLUE *strawberry scented*

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. Invisible adhesive
. Extreme hold
. No latex
. Humidity resistant
. Waterproof


. Before bonding prepare skin and base using 99% Alcohol to remove residues
. Then apply a thin layer of adhesive to skin and base , then blow-dry or air-dry till very tacky
. Next press the hair system onto the skin and hold firm for 10 seconds


. Acrylic adhesive , Coconut oil , isopropanol, Ethyl Acetate , Heptane , Toluene


. Do not leave the cap open , close cap very tightly after use
. Do not breathe in the fumes
. Store below 90 F
. Test on small area before use